What is the Holbaek Clown Festival?
The festival is built up over a week where we are performing for 4 days. There is a show in the morning and afternoon/evening as the goal, where all clowns have the opportunity to both perform and mingle around in the city.

The management of the festival holds a gala dinner on Thursday evening for all participants as thanks for their hard work in making the festival.

All clowns appear together at town in Holbaek on Friday. Here, clowns make a race with the children. Afterwards there is a parade where we can showcase our fine costumes. Along this the clowns act out on the street together which makes this a very unique experience.

The festival ends with a gala Saturday afternoon at 15:00 which will be performed for all our sponsors and guests.

Why was the festival created?
The festival was founded to create a working community where clowns can come together from all over the world and perform and be inspired by each other and make room for new artists to be shaped in their journey as a clown. The festival is seen both as a working forum but also a place where we as clowns can grow and get dressed and be encouraged to work as a clown/artist.

The festival is one where friendships are created across national borders, where networks are built and relationships created. Holbaek Clown Festival is a place where you have the opportunity to perform with old and new friends, all the clowns come along and perform. In other words, the festival is a place where we put the spaciousness and professionalism in high.

The festival is up to everyone to get the opportunity to be seen and trained, to work with other clowns that are included to give and get. In other words, the festival is a community where we all have a role. Festivals around the world is a great opportunity for the clown to give joy to people. Here in Holbaek we are able to provide lots of children the great opportunity to meet clowns and experience the circus atmosphere.

At the festival in 2013 there were 3,500 children given a chance to meet us when we were out to perform in disability schools, kindergartens, nurseries and centers for the elderly. This was to include as many as possible to get the chance to experience the Holbaek Clown Festival so we have the opportunity at this festival to reach far beyond social boundaries and give all the children we encounter an imaginative experience. The clowns at the festival gets academic achievement but also a great personal benefit which makes this festival a unique place to be an artist and also to be in the audience.

The goal of this festival is to give our talents and the joy of others' talents, the meeting between the clown and the child.


Organizer: Michel Hojer a.k.a Njetski | hcfkontor@gmail.com | +45 22 11 12 39

Webmaster: Jonas Blixt a.k.a Atte | jonas@commediagillet.com | +46 73 557 11 03